1. DHA Bahawalpur intends to hire well reputed firms for Resident Supervision Services of Electrical Infrastructure Works (Sec A & C) & Civ Infra Works of Yazman Apch.

2. Interested Consultancy Firms having relevant experience may submit their EOI alongwith the following information/ documents.

a. Name, Address & Year of establishment of Consulting Firm

b. Company Profile with General & Specific Experience of Projects including Performance Certificates (Area, Scope, Value, Photographs, Completion Certificates, Work Orders etc).

c. Firms must meet the PEC Criteria.

d. Organizational structural/ organogram & number of personnel alongwith CVs of Director/ Partners& Key Experts.

e. Memorandum & Article of Association/ Partnership Deed.

f. Copy of Registration with SECP.

g. Audited Financial Statement for the last three years

h. NTN Certificate and Bank Certificates

i. Affidavit on stamp paper duly notarized that the firm has not been blacklisted and has no litigation history.

3. The short listing criteria is attached.

4. Scope of work will be supervision of U/G Elec Work of Sectors (Sec A & C) & Civ Infra Works of Yazman Apch. The scope may be increased since DHA Bwp is newly established and huge work is to be executed.  

6. Expression of Interest / Pre-qualification Application with all requisite details and supporting documents may be submitted in a sealed envelope (technical & financial) by   17 February 2021 at the given address. Financial proposal must be inclusive of all taxes & duties. 

7. DHA Bwp reserve the right to accept or reject any or all application as per the policy.

Postal Address: Defence Housing Authority Bahawalpur (P&D Branch, Contract Section) 

Jinnah Avenue APE Canal Road Main Boulevard II, Bwp.

Telephone No: 0345-1875225, 0345-1875231





S.No Document (Description) Please Tick Mark
1 Legal status of the firm/ consortium (Sole  
Proprietorship, Partnership, Private/ Public Limited Company)
2 Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) Certificate Regd with PEC
(preferably  for  Lead  Local Firm  or  a member  of  the
Consortium responsible for engineering design)
3 Pakistan Council of  Architects & Town Planners  
(PCATP) Certificate
4 Financial Information  
(including NTN Certificate, Bank Certificate and Audited Accounts)
5 No Litigation  Certificate  confirming that the firm has  
never been blacklisted nor involved in any litigation with any government , semi government or any other organization   (otherwise  provide  details  of  litigation/
arbitration history, if any)
6 Letters of Association of International Firm and any  
other Local team which are part of the Consortium
7 Company profile of all members of Consortium (may be  
submitted in a separate volume and referred in this Form
8 Any  other  documents/  information  which  the firm/ Nil
consortium  wishes  to be considered as a part of post-
qualification process


Firm Name: ______________________________


Estb on: _____________________________


Address: _____________________________

  Total Marks  Mks obtained
1 Firm Capabilities      
Part- A. Firm Capabilities & Relevant Experience   30  
Part- B. Proposed approach/ methodology   40  
Part- C. Qualification and experience of key pers   30  
Note:-  Firm securing 70% marks will tech qualify for job.               100   
2 Part – A      
Project Experience (Counting for last 10 Years)
a. Overall projs executed by firm (1 mk with each 1 billion proj) maximum upto 10 marks   10  
b. Experience in master planning/ land dev by firm proj cost 1 billion will get 1 pt (max 10 pts)   10  
c. Experience in infra structure design/ residential/ land development (1 billion cost get 1 pt, maximum 10 pts)   10  
Note:- List of proj executed will be provided by each firm.  30  
3 Part- B      
Adequacy of Proposed Approach & Methodology
a. Understanding of the project and scope of services to be undertaken   15  
b. Project work plan and time schedule   5  
c. Proposed team structure/ chart & its quality   10  
d. Concept of sustainable design for residential dev and quality assurance of plan   10  
4 Part- C    
Qualification & Experience of Key Personal of Proposed Team
a. Team leader with Local & International experience minimum 20 years  (5 + 5) PhD   10  
b. Town planner/ Architect with 15 years experience (Local & International)      6  
c. Infrastructure civil (Roads, bridges, land development) with minimum 15 years experience   4  
d. Principal utility Engr Civil (Water Supply /Sewerage) with minimum 15 years experience   4  
e. Principal utility Engr Civil (Electrical) with minimum 15 years experience   3  
f. Construction contract Engr (Specialist)   3  
Total:   100  


Tech Score = Raw Score of Firm x 100 Raw Score of Highest Ranked Firm

Financial Score = 100x Lowest Total Bid Total Bid of Firm under Consideration

Combined Score = (Tech Score x 0.7)  + (Fin Score x 0.3)

Firm Scoring Maximum Combined Score shall be declared as successful bidder.