It is intimated that DHA Bwp will resume limited public dealing at Head Office and sub offices from 11 May 2020 while ensuring all safety  SOPs. 

In this regard DHA Staff will inform the dealers and get consent/ availability of Seller & Buyer and intimate the date and time of transfer. 

Folllowing is advised:-

* All SOPs as specified by Govt of Pakistan will be followed by the visitors during their visit to DHA. 

* All visitors (clients, dealers) should visit with medical mask on.

* Hand Sanitizers will be available at reception and be used by visitors.

* Social distancing will be adhered by visitors.

* Children are not allowed to visit the office even in case of female clients.

* Only Seller, Buyer and concerned dealer is allowed to visit 30 mins before the Transfer. 

* One person will be allowed to visit for submissin of NDCs. 

* To avoid any inconvenience, time of transfer be followed and in case of  time failure, the transfer will be shifted to next vacant day to avoid congestion at Reception. 

* Adhearance on above instructions will be responsibilty of concerned dealer. 

Please cooperate and stay safe.