Q-1: What is NDC applying procedure and how much time it takes in clearance?


Ans: After payment of DHA Transfer Fee, NDC along with following documents are forwarded to Finance Branch for clearance and this process takes 3 working days: -

  1. a. Copies of ID Cards of Seller and Buyer.
  2. b. Copy of Intimation Letter.
  3. c. Copy of Paid Challan of DHA Transfer Fee.

Q-2: What is the procedure of getting NOC from GHQ?


Ans: Application / request by the desirous person is forwarded to W&R Dte (GHQ) for obtaining NOC for sale of plot.


Q-3: What are the development charges?


Ans: The details regarding development charges will be made available at DHAB website as soon as these charges are announced.


Q-4: What is the date for balloting of Plot Numbers?


Ans: The date for plot ballot is not yet announced. Please keep on visiting our website for updated information. Feel free to call at our UAN number 062-111-111-518 for any further information required.


Q-5: Please provide your authorized property dealers list?


Ans: List of authorized property dealers is available in ESTATE AGENTS section at menu bar of DHA Bwp website.


Q-6: What are transfer charges and what is the procedure of transfer?


Ans: Schedule of Transfer charges (10 Marla, 1 Kanal, 2 Kanal, 4 Marla Commercial plot and 6 Marla, 9 Marla & 12 Marla Villas) are available in DOWNLOAD section at DHA Bwp website.


Q-7: What is transfer fee for Allocation of Exemption File?


Ans: Rs. 51250/-


Q-8: How can we get payment plan of different sizes of plots?


Ans: Payment plan is available in DOWNLOAD section at DHA Bwp website.


Q-9: How to apply for a Job in DHA?


Ans: After having read the advertisement in newspaper you have to submit your CV and wait for call from HR Branch of DHAB.


Q-10: What is the procedure for induction in DHA?


Ans: You have to go through the following procedure:

  1. Submit your CV for relevant post (as per your qualification)
  2. Wait for call from DHAB HR Branch
  3. Test and interview will be conducted by DHA authorities as per schedule

Q-11: What is the DHA website for Job to apply?


Ans: www.dhabahawalpur.com


Q-12: Is DHA government department?


Ans: This is a project working under supervision of GHQ.


Q-13: In case I am successful in balloting, will I be able to sell my file?


Ans: Yes, successful applicant can sell his/her file.


Q-14: What is NTN number of DHAB?


Ans: 0801647-0


Q-15: In how many days installment will update on website?


Ans: 5-7 working days after receiving instrument.


Q-16: What is the late payment surcharge on defaulters for each day of default?


Ans: 18% per anum on outstanding due payment.


Q- 17: Is there any relaxation in cancellation of plot?


Ans: The management committee has the powers of decision.


Q-18: I am successful candidate but I want to cancel/surrender my plot, will I get refund my amount?


Ans: There is not such a policy.


Q- 19: What are the development charges?


Ans: It will be updated on decision.


Q-20: When will Grand Mosque be constructed and open for general public?


Ans: In year 2019


Q-21: When main road leading to DHAB will be completed?


Ans: At the end of year 2018.


Q-22: DHAB is Gated Society or opened?


Ans: It is a gated society


Q-23: What is the status of services like water supply, sewerage, electricity & gas?


Ans: Provision of the same is under process for sector A, B and C.


Q-24: Is there is any theme park included in DHAB?


Ans: Yes


Q-25: Is there any separate block/ sector for Overseas Community?


Ans: Yes, there is.


Q-26: Is there any plan for constructing a Central Digital library in DHAB?


Ans: It is under consideration.


Q-27: Any plan for education city / enclave?


Ans: Yes, there will be an education enclave in DHAB. MOU with NDU and NUML have already been signed.


Q-28: What all works are being under taken at the moment?


Ans: Main Approach, 100x Villas, Sec A, B & C, Bridge & Main Gate.


Q-29: What is the procedure to become Land Provider?


Ans: Please visit land branch of DHA Bahawalpur for information regarding procedure for becoming land provider of DHA Bahawalpur.


Q-30: How can one sell his land to DHA?


Ans: Please visit land branch of DHA Bahawalpur for information regarding procedure for provision of land to DHA Bahawalpur.


Q-31: What is the procedure for verification of Intimation Letter / affidavit-2?


1. Investor / Land Owner / Purchaser will submit an application to Dir Land DHA Bahawalpur as per specific format for verification of Intimation Letter/Affidavit-2.
2. Land Branch DHA Bahawalpur will ask the applicant for deposition of Rs. 1000/- (Rupees one thousand only) into DHA Bahawalpur account as verification charges.
3. After deposition of verification fee DHA will verified the document on the application form after necessary scrutiny of the record.
Note: Please check Download section of DHAB website for relevant documents.


Q-32: What is the procedure for cancellation of Intimation Letter / affidavit-2 ?


Fol procedure will adopt for cancellation of affidavit -2 in case of cutting / changes / amendments / corrections made in affidavit which makes it dubious and non-transparent.
1. Investor will submit an application to Project Director DHA Bahawalpur for cancellation of Affidavit-2.
2. After approval of the competent authority, Land Branch DHA Bahawalpur will ask the applicant for deposition of Rs.10000/- (Rupees Ten Thousand only) into DHA Bahawalpur account as cancellation charges.
3. After deposition of cancellation fee, DHA will issue a new affidavit-2 to the applicant against cancelled affidavit-2.
4. No changes to the contents will be made except the ones declared in the application.
Note: Please check Download section of DHAB website for relevant documents.


Q-33: What Kind of ballot was held on 31 Jan 2019, please elaborate?


Ans: DHA Bahawalpur conducted Ballot for Allocation of plot and villa numbers on 31 Jan 2019. All members who completed their outstanding installments and got their Intimation/Open Affidavit files Transferred/Allocated against their names were included in ballot. Numbers for plot sizes of 10 Marla (installment), 2 kanal (installment), 4 Marla commercial & 1 kanal (installment and allocation) and villas of 6,9,12 Marla (installment) were allotted in the ballot.


Q-34: How application confirmation will be received by the applicant of Plot/Farm House Launch?


Ans: The options are:
• Manual
All applicants will receive confirmation message on given cell numbers.
• Online
Individual can view the status at his login of Ballot application form.


Q-35: Is there any date announced for Ballot of plots launched in 2019 ?


Ans: Balloting is expected to be held by 1st-2nd week of September 2019.


Q-36: Please share last date for Conversion of Allocation Files into Plot Files.


Ans: DHA Bahawalpur intends to hold location ballot of remaining allocation files, along with plot ballot in coming month. Get your affidavit files converted to allocation files till 31 August 2019, to get location of your plot.